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These are your DJs for the evening on WKDfm

DJ Brightside DJ Brightside

DJ-Brightside is our newest and youngest DJ - he is very new to djing but is doing extremely well :)

DJ BusyElf DJ BusyElf

Music has been and always will be part of my life and I have dedicated a large part of my life and work around becoming a DJ on the Internet. and playing music that I enjoy and hopefully you enjoy as well.

Life is too short, NOT to have some fun, so if you want to dance the night away and chill out to your favourite music, WKDfm is the place to be. Every night is different as well as the moods of the DJ's There's something for everyone! More...

DJ Midnight DJ Midnight

Midnight Melodies is the special show from DJ Midnight on a Thursday from 9pm UK time. More information soon.

Hi listeners I am DJ Midnight some of you may also know me as Pubfarmer.

Born in 1946 I've had the privilege of experiencing many decades of popular music, being a bit of a Teddy Boy in my teens I was very influenced by such artists as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly & Gene Vincent etc in the good old days of rock & roll, my other great love is for country & western and so I have endeavoured to build up my main music collection around these genres, on my show I try to cater for all my listeners tastes in a variety of genres, styles & eras.

Having been a DJ in the past on various overseas radio stations with different time zones it was a pleasure & privilege to be asked to DJ on WKDfm a true UK based station which offers you the listener your choice of music.

DJ Sandyman DJ Sandyman
(also IRCop)

He calls his shows Song Of Yesteryear as he specialises in songs from all those years gone by as well as up-to-date music. He also takes your requests.

Hi I'm sandy and I'm on wkdfm because I love music of all genres and decades Used to do a mobile disco for a while in the early 70`s but started to do again last year here on wkdfm, and still enjoying doing so and meeting all our great chatters. I'm an old rocker at heart brought up on music of the late 50`s but my taste ranges most types of music and that enough about me don't want to bore you.

DJ Ronin DJ-Ronin

A great DJ from the USA specialising in Rock, Heavy Metal and the Blues

These are the Administrators for WKDfm

Roni Roni - Network Administrator & Radio Station Manager

Radio station manager and producer of all our radio shows here at WKDfm is Roni. Roni also has a special place on the chat server for UKChitChat-IRC who are our partners in chat.

I suppose the main reason I do what I do is because I like helping chatters.......

I also enjoy what I do and have always liked a challenge. It is always nice to see chatters that I met on IRC on other servers appearing on this one too. I have made a lot of friends over the years:) I have to admit that doing what I do on the radio during the evenings gives me something to do and keeps my brain active :) .

DeepThought DeepThought- Network Administrator, Radio Owner & DJ (UKChitChat-IRC)